Problem Working with Scene Markers in Premiere 3.0

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      I recently completed my first DVD with Elements 3.0 and was very pleased with the results. My only problem was in setting up video clips to run in my scenes menus. I had no problem picking out the clips, I set durations to 5 seconds each. My problem was I would find a clip that started at say
      1 Hour 28 min 22 seconds, and, I wanted that to be in the scene menu. But I could not put that time as the start/stop in the duration menu. From each marker point, premiere ‘zeros out’ the time, so I need a way to ‘zero’ out the timeline, because I ended up having to do complex subtractions to find the correct start point for each scene I wanted to use. Multiply that by 30 or so chapter points and it gets to be quite a pain. Is there a way do do this that simplifies this procedure?

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      Yup, you hit them all. You will get a good answer from the Adobe forum, just hang in there.

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