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      I have an old PC ( 3 years old), and a brand new hi tech PC. 1st one is HP, has Windows XP, and Windows Media Player 10 . 2nd one is also HP, has Windows Vista, and Windows Media Player 10. Same connection, same room, next to each oher, sharing a cable connection.

      On 1st PC, Iclick on a video link , it buffers for a few moments, then it opens and I can view the video as it continues to download.

      On 2nd PC,I click on a video link, and a window opens, giving me the option of either “save” or “cancel”. If I click on “save”, it takes about 1 minute for a 3 minutes video clip to totally download, before I get to view it.

      For the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Does anyone know for sure why, and how I can fix it?

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      The only problem I can think of is that your using thebeleagueredVista OS. It has lots of great new DRM features that activate any time your using “premium content” like lets say… any video. I have never used Vista myself just know what i have read about it, but what I have read about its mediahandlingcapability is not good. As for how to fix it I would say that if you can go with XP do it. Its a stable mature OS that does not have these problems. I know it sounds crazy but Microsoft reallydroppedthe ball on this one. Like I said I have never used it myself but from what friends who do have it tell me and from what I read it is plagued with problems. One of my friends actually bought XP to replace the Vista that came on his Dell box.

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