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      Hello, I have a full nba game match, I want to make a video from greatest parts, but I have a problem, when one part of video ends, and second should start, there is a black background between them for a second. If I move second video closer – video starts stuck. How to fix this. BTW, I’m using sony vegas 9

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      If video starts stuck means that it’s on a still frame, change the start point of the second video a few frames farther in. If it means that there’s a jump of some kind at that point, it could be that your computer is underpowered so do a RAM render to see what it’s going to look like. If it’s something other than these, please explain.


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      I have seen this a couple times. One of my cameras for whatever reason seems to not start recording on a true frame, more like it starts at half a frame. This is a quantizing issue. Usually I just trim a couple frames off to make sure the video is squared starting at a frame, and it fixes everything.

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      When dealing with video, first make sure that quantize to frames is turned on, and secondly, make sure your events are snapped to each other for cuts, or if you want a fade or other transition, they need to overlap for the amount of time of the transition. You only need to have quantize to frames off when you are working with audio. There is a reason you usually start recording well before your intended shot, and now you know why.


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