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      Hi everybody.

      I have done my first capture with my HV40 using premier cs3, i recorded audio directly to the cam however, after capturing there wasnt any sync between video and audio at all.

      What could have been the problem? Camcorder, premier, anything else?

      Is there any free capture software i can use?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      sync it up on your timeline and see how far it’s off and if it’s consistant or a random lag. You can then offset it when ya capture or troubleshoot the problem better.

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      Have you tried re-capture, as the problem could have very well happened during capture. Your closest aim here is to investigate capture options, such as “non-realtime” capture that exists in Cyberlink PowerDirector. Also make sure other programs are closed during capture for best probability.

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      I have recapture it but the problem persist, i forgot to mention that it also freezes when its playing back.

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