Problem with Sony DVCAM Tape

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      Im having issues with a tape that looks like it had a head clog but no indication that that was taking place while recording. The tape recorded fine for a couple min. I stopped the tape and checked it then recorded again. During Playback my tape check was okay but the tape didn’t engage for about three min while my viewfinder indicated that it was recording. The tape has black bars that runs horizontally across the screen. Then the video frags out for a few seconds and clears itself in another couple seconds. If I stop the tape and rewind and play the section back i get pink bars that also runs horizontally across the screen. Is this a tape issue or a camera problem? Thanks

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      Do you leave a tape in the cam when it’s not in use? I lost a Sony dvcam once because leaving a tape causes the camcorder to go out of alignment internally.

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