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      Hi everyone, I’m new on this forum and I actually need someone’s help for my lack of knowledge about using APE .

      I’ve been using this program for a while and always managed to solve out things, but now that I have to make a more important video I would like it to be perfect.

      I create the whole project using different clips imported from my computer, they’re camera recordings that have different resolution settings (need to mention that the project settings is a DV1/DV Pal 1.067 720×576 4:3), a part is 720×576 and the other is 640×360. Now I tried to export it in different formats, from quick time to avi and watch it full screen with different players but the size of the video is different according to which clip is playing, as a better example with the 720×576 clip it crops it on the side, so it looks like I have two black stripes on the side; for the 640×360 clip it crops it on the side, top and bottom, so it looks like there is a black frame around it.

      Now, my task is to modify it in order to play it all on a full screen mode without any stripes, or better to have the widescreen stripes on the top and bottom.

      I tried already to do the following things:

      -Try to scale the 640×360 clips, deselecting constrain proportion and adapting the height so I visualize it on the monitor full screen without any stripes but when I export it still has the lateral ones.

      -Try to scale then also the width so part of the clip would go out of the monitor, but that was a stupid try cause of course it cuts it on the final video.

      -Try to change the proportions of the screen when I play the final video on VLC but proportios are still messed up

      I didn’t touch the 720×576 ones cause I know it’s the right size according to the project settings.

      I have to play this video full screen cause I’ll link my pc to a projector for an event and I need to have it all the same size, hopefully on a widescreen mode without this lateral stripes. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I’ve been trying over the last three days without good results..

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      Danoise, If no one can answer your questions here I suggest you post at the Muvipix forum. I am sure someone there can help you.

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      you would probably have to adjust the pixel aspect ratio in order to eliminate unwanted cropping.

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