Problem w/ Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5: magnifictaion

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In a recent sequence, I magnified the Timeline when I was inserting some effects and video transitions. The problem is that the Timeline (and Program monitor) won't go back to the origianl video zie, and all my clips are off.

Can I export the EDL to a new Timeline, or is there a way to restore the Timeline so that it goes back to the the video size on the Source material?

I've already tried "Restore to Default" and that didn't work.

Please help.


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Pardon me if my recommended solutions aren't quite what you were thinking. Your description defies anything I've experienced with Premiere Pro.

You can adjust the scale of the time line the slider bottom left, you adjust the 'fit' of the image in the program monitor, you can reset the workspace in the window drop down, you can start a new sequence and copy an paste from an other sequence, you can undo and you can see your undo history. In fact, there are so many things you can do that I'm thinking your description or my understanding is inaccurate.

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I never experience that in Premiere Pro. Like Bruce mentioned, adjusting the scale with the slider button orusingthe keyword shortcut + and - is all it takes to go to the original video size.


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