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      I have try deleting extra footages or effects added in my premiere file, but when I tried to add a single jpeg file there is still the message “there is not enough memory to input the requested field(s)”. I can not continue my project because of this matter, without going to start new project fresh as an option, can someone give me a tip on it?

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      Are you saying that you can add that same image to a new project but not an existing one?

      Also, can you clarify what you mean by you mean add to the project bin (assets) or do you mean you can’t drag it from the bins to the project.

      You may as well tell us more like type of image, size, size of project, type of project, OS, Adobe version…

      Just a general note to newcomers, if you take the time to elaborate you stand a better chance of getting a response.

      I quite often don’t even try to help solve a problem when the trouble shooting is so poorly described. So give it another shot and maybe someone has an idea.

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