Problem re-importing video into AdobiePremiereCS4, black frame around video

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      Hello, About six months ago, i created a video that at this point I would like to upload to youtube. The problem is, I need to splice it into 10 minute chunks (its 26 minutes long) so I will be using (once again) Adobe Premiere CS4 to accomplish this. The problem is, when I import the video into Adobe Premiere Pro, although everything seems fine, upon export there is a large black frame aroudn the video. The video is not taking up the entire 720×480 frame like it does in its un-spliced form. In the unspliced form there are small frames around the left and right edge of the video, but its still the correct height. When re-importing it to do the splicing, it somehow becomes alot smaller within the 720×480 even though I have not told it to do this. Can anyone help me out with this dilemma?

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      here is the link to the uploaded video.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Is your original video in 720×480?

      If your un-spliced video is not 720×480 (it could have lower frame size) and your sequence frame size is 720×480 the video will appear with the black frames around. Check your original footage frame size in Premiere by right clicking>Interpret Footage. Do the same to the sequence, right click>Properties. Both frame size should be the same and also the pixel aspect ratio. You can also scale your video to fit the frame size, but it will lose quality. Another thing, what format and video codec are you using to export?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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