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      I am working on a school graduation. During the Validvictorian speech the mic went out in the gym. You can still faintly here the speech but the background noise is really loud. Then someone rudely started yelling out in the gym chanting “we can’t here”. Is there any way that I can seperate the sound and get his voice louder and take out the crowds background? If not what other solutions might you have for this situation. I have Sony Vegas if that helps in any way. The deadline is rapidly approaching. They didn’t give me much time at all. I have around five days to get this problem taken care of and a whole other kindergarden graduation to edit in the same five days. Please help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      All I can suggest is to try using EQ (In Vegas use Graphic EQ) to lower the sound of the kid yelling. It may or may not work depending on his level. I can feel for you; I have had the same problem before. You might check and see if anyone else during the graduation happened to be recording with something that would have picked up audio. (Maybe a camcorder, cellphone, etc. closer to the speaker.) Wish I could give you a simple solution, but I’m afraid there isn’t one. Hope everything turns out alright.


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      Electronically there isn’t much you can do. But like the above writer said, see if you can find someone with a camcorder that was sitting closer to the speaker. Or…contact the speaker and see if he may re-read the section that was lost, you can then dub that section in.


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