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      Dear Videomakers,

      I am using a Canon MV920 and I capture my videos on a HP-nx6120 laptop. The last recording I had taken looked (and sounded) fine on my camera, but when I captured it on my laptop, the video came out very jagged and discontinuous. When I looked at the lengths on both sides, I found that I lost as much as eighteen minutes out of twenty-nine!

      Can someone suggest something? As of now-

      • It’s a nx6120 laptop from HP that I use to capture videos.
      • The laptop occasionally runs slow, especially because of AVG
      • Windows Movie Maker is the default video capture program.
      • The video plays properly on the Canon MV920 camcorder. Things go bad once it’s on a hard drive.
      • The tape has been used for over three months and the last recording was in the third week of June this year.
      • Video was capture through the 1394/Firewire connection.
      • All other recordings have transferred properly, before this one.
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      What are the computers specs? Like Ram, Hard Drive Space e.c.t… If you could give us that then we would be more to help. Also what program do you use to capture video?


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      Sounds like your capture settings are not the same as your footage settings. Check to see that your capture settings match the frame rate of your footage as well as the interlacing. Remember, when you capture video footage, you aren’t just copying it to your hard drive. You’re recompressing it with a new codec.

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      I looked at the general specs for the notebook :


      Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
      Intel Pentium M 1.6ghz processor
      15 inches bright LCD display
      128 mb video
      802.11 a/b/g WIFI (Wireless Lan)
      40 gb hardisk
      DVD rom/ CD RW combo drive

      These are not recommended for video editing, but it can still work.

      Overtime your computer can get bogged down and become very sluggish. I suspect that movie maker is dropping frames, which would explain the symtoms you’ve described. Usually programs have a way to tell you if there dropping frames but I’m not sure about movie maker.

      I would suggest uninstalling any programs that you don’t use, and disabeling as many programs that you can. Especially Anti-Virus programs or other programs that are heavy.

      The best thing to do would be to back up the information that you need, and than completey re-install windows. You should have some type of system recovery disc, if not Hp should be able to provide one for you.

      Best Regards


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      The laptop uses Windows XP. I had once transferred footage over half an hour long onto the laptop, in DV-AVI mode, and lost nothing. In fact, I even edited the video on MovieMaker at that time, which was sometime in th first week of June.

      Movie Maker doesn’t tell me when frames are dropped, but a close look at the time and size indicator shows that it doesn’t clock the time continuously, and loses a few seconds at each of those instances. I checked the file size, and it corresponds to the full 29-minute video.

      I’ve heard complaints about HP laptops getting sluggish, and I disabled all the programs that use a lot of memory (including the AV) and it still didn’t help.

      Should I change the video capture utility?

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      If your running XP I’m guessing your running an NTFS file system? If your not and actually running something like FAT32, you could be reaching the max file size on that filesystem (4 GB I think?) and the computer has to make a new file, droping frames and causing the studder?

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      If your still reluctant to do a system recovery (not system restore), than try defragmenting your hard drive. If your drive is seriously fragmented than this may cause a problem. The next thing to do is to start buying upgrades, but this really isn’t necessary because we know your computer can do it without the upgrades. I can’t really think of anything else other than what we already talked about. I really believe a system recovery will solve this problem even though it’s only been several months since it last worked. If not, than there may be something wrong with the firewire ports on the camera, computer or the firewire cable itself.

      Try downloading free trial software to see if the problem isn’t moviemaker. I would suggest adobe premiere elements. When loaded, just go to File>capture

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      I tried defragging, and it still didn’t work. It’s just as bad as it was when I started.

      I’ll be taking this to the HP service centre soon. I may also need to get the firewire cable checked.

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      I made the comment that your computer’s spec weren’t recommended for video editing, but I think I spoke to soon. Other than the fact that it has only 256mb of ram (i was thinking it was 128mb) it’s actually a good computer and is very capable of editing. 1000mb of ram is recommended and 2000mb is great. Ram is not that expensive and is worth the upgrade above and beyond editing. I’m sorry we couldn’t help thus far, but some problems can’t be solved without looking at the computer. If you take the laptop to service, it would be best if there was somebody that was certified as a tech that also understood video editing.

      As I said, your computer’s spec are infact good and this problem might suggest that there is something seriously wrong with the computer or hardware and/or firewire cable. But before I would come to that conclusion, I think you should also know that eventhough you disabled some programs, sometimes those programs have seperate services or processes that keep running that could still bring your ram down to levels that could affect performance. You would have to disable them through "msconfig." goto start>run and type in msconfig. disable any process that might be related to the programs you’ve disabled of processes that you don’t need. (Just be careful…you could end up causing more problems if you disable the wrong ones.)

      I would still advise a system recovery because you don’t know what could’ve happened from the time between June and the time you started having problems. It could even be some type of virus or spyware.

      Did you try downloding another editing progam to see if moviemaker isn’t skrewed?

      Best Regards,


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      Did you try downloding another editing progam to see if moviemaker isn’t skrewed?

      I also have ArcSoft’s VideoImpression, and it’s just as bad. In fact, VI tells me how many frames are dropped…

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