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      I am green to Sony Vegas and video versions. I just got it and just learned this week that a .avi file is what they call a container. Up until then, I was baffled why I could read certain .avi files and not others, anyway…

      I am having trouble with a .avi container. I am trying to drag-n-drop a .avi file onto the timeline and I am unable to do so. I tried converting the .avi to mpg and then drag-n-drop but still had trouble.

      I did an ffmpeg -i fileName.avi and it reported to me that the video format is mpeg4 and the audio format was mp3. Is there some settings that I need to set? Or perhaps a certain video/audio encoded data that Vegas reads?

      Please direct me. Thank you.

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      I’ve been using Sony Vegas/Vegas Pro for many years and have never seen this problem with either an avi or mpg file. There’s always a first, though. There are an increasing number of weird file formats out there.

      I suggest you go to the Sony Vegas editor’s forum and post your question there. There’s a forum for Vegas Pro and for Movie Studio as well. There’s also a huge archive that you can search for a solution, too.


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      What version of Vegas are you using and is it Pro or Movie Studio?

      What does MediaInfo (it’s free) say about the file?

      Where did the file originally come from (camcorder, internet, other)?


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      Focus on AVI to Sony Vegas issues. Not all AVI files are the same, there can be differences in the codecs. As alluded to in an earlier post, this is likely to be where your problem lies. Find out what codecs are being used in the non-working AVI and install those codecs.


      If you find it's a bit complex for you to download and install these video codecs, an alternative way to convert AVI to an other file type like MPEG-2 or WMV(VC-1) for Sony Vegas Pro editing.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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