Problem Converting Video from Video8 and DVD

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      Greetings everyone. This is going to be long but I have to explain it.

      I am in the process of converting about 100 DVD’s that were of family events, to AVI so I can edit them. These DVD’s were converted from VHS tapes using a Sony dual deck system about 5 years ago. I also have about 30 Video8 analog tapes to convert to AVI.

      I purchased 123DVDConverter from to convert the DVD’s. My problem is that at some point on many, but not all DVD’s, the converting results in pure static at some point during the process, usually near the end. The process continues to the end of the reading from the disk, then the conversion stops. If I play the disk with Windows Media Player, it plays to the end just fine. The conversion though, ends in static at some point. But it gets much worse.

      I purchased the Canopus ADVC110 Video Converter along with Pinnacle 14 Ultimate and Adobe Premier Elements. I plug my Sony Video8 outputs into the ADVC110 and then a firewire to my computer. I start the conversion with either program, and all looks fine. However, at times, the digitized results turn into static, but if I look at the viewfinder of the camera, the playback is fine! This happened with the Pinnacle 510 converter as well!

      I am stumped! Two different programs, two different media, two completely different processes, but the same frequent problem! The video output turns to static at some point during the process. My computer is a high end quad core, and the graphics card is an 8800 GTS. I try to convert a disk a second time, and the switch to static happens about at the same spot each time.

      When I installed the 123DVDConverter on my 5 year old laptop, and try to convert the same DVD, it goes all the way though to the end without problems! Something must be wrong with my big computer? But what?

      Any suggestions on what the hell is going on here? Much of the video is of me at the South Pole, Antarctica, when I wintered over in 85-86. This video stuff is addicting, and my wife says I need a hobby, but I cannot get past this intermittent problem. I have lost confidence that my conversions are complete. Thanks for any ideas!

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