Problem capturing video from DRV530

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      I output from my Sony DRV530 digital 8mm camcorder, through the firewire connection, direct to my computer and attempt to capture normally. The capture begins, then after 5-10 seconds, it stops recording and the camcorder stops.Machines vary from Vista 32bit, 64bit and 3 XP machines. Each has much more than minimum requirements to run a capture.

      I have used 5 different computers. I have tried capturing using Corel’s Movie Factory 6, Cyberlink’s Power Director and Corel’s video studio x2 pro. They all stopped capturing within seconds of starting. Now, when I used my ancient copy of Adobe Premiere version 6.5, the capture worked for the entire 51 minutes of video. Premiere is on the oldest and slowest machine I have. This is baffling. Any ideas why this is happening???

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