Pro DV deck for digitizing vs. cheap MiniDV consumer camera?

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      I have been wondering about this for a while now and my colleagues couldnt give me a straight answer, so Im hoping someone here might be able to shed some light!

      A MiniDV tape was shot on a 3CCD prosumer camera, for example, the DVX100B at 60i. In order to digitize the footage into a computer, there are 3 potential decks, all with firewire out/in: 1) the camera itself. 2) a crappy consumer MiniDV camera for $120. 3) a professional Sony DVCAM stand-alone deck.

      Now, my question is: In terms of quality, does it matter which system is playing the tape to be digitized? Given the master tape was shot on a high-quality camera and both the professional Sony deck that costs thousands and the cheap $120 consumer camera both have firewire outputs, is the image quality affected in any way using the cheap camera as a deck for digitization versus a professional and costly deck?

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