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      Is there a way to slow down the speed of the “credit roll”? Seems very fast.

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      I do not have or use Pro 9 Pro Titler but with some of my systems and programs I’ve tried creating a credit roll clip and then applying a slow motion to it after the fact. Doesn’t always work because it comes out a bit jumpy – not always. It’s a “fix” at best, but might help you if nobody chimes in with specific knowledge of your program.

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      If you change the clip length it changes the speed. In the text window look up top. The dafault is 10 seconds. If you make it 20 seconds it slows down (using the default text). Play around with the clip length for your amount of text and you can make it whatever you want.

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      I don’t use the Pro Titler much (I’m still on Pro 8) but I do use scrolling credits (Media Generators Tab, one of the text choices).

      I have found that using a combination of what Travis suggested, and either using a velocity envelope or ctrl-dragging the clip does what I need.

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      Thank you.

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      the speed of the credit roll is controlled by the length of the event… 10 second roll is fast, 2 minute roll not so fast…. using an envelope or ctrl dragging just adds more processor usage to the mix.

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      However, using a velocity envelope allows for a variable scrolling speed when you’re, for example, trying to match words on the screen with what is being spoken or sung (I just did this this week for a memorial vid).

      Also ctrl-drag allows you to quickly fine tune so you can shrink or grow a credit roll a few seconds easily without having to go back into it to set seconds and frames.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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