Pro 10.0d is finally here

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      Details and download information are at


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      So far I am liking what I see with 10d

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      I am glad the progressive versions are crashing less. When 10 first came out I was cursing my decision to upgrade from 9. Still crashes a bit more than 9 I think, but not bad at all and I can live with it not crashing every 10 minutes. Now it is more like every 10 hours.

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      I am the odd man out I guess. I haven’t had a compelling reason to upgrade since version 8.

      I’ll look into 10d but was waiting it out for 11 (MS version 11 just came out so how far behind could pro be?).

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      9 was my first version, and I would recommend it just for the 64 bit support. I have run the 32 bit of 9 and 10 and there is an insanely difference in rendering speeds between the two. I chose 10 mainly for the 3D support, as I like to make 3D movies with my 8 year old son. Is there news on 11 somewhere? What the “big new features” might be?

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      I’ve been using the Pro Version since it was called Vegas+DVDA (version 6 was my first version).

      I’ve been trying to get info on Pro 11 but Sony is notorious about being tight lipped about future releases until they are close to ready, particularly about dates.

      I am on an older PC, still running XP Pro. Aside from being slow, I haven’t had a need for any specific feature that would require me to upgrade and I figured I’d save the upgrade costs for other software/assets. That said, I will go with 11 just to keep from getting too far behind.

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      So far still using 10 without problems here. In fact i was having more problems in 9 with my multicamera shoots than I am in 10. It is hard to say what 11 will bring. I know what a lot of people want in 11 that they wanted in 10 and so on. hang in there I am sure we will be surprised by it. I have heard rumors about the Pro titler being made a little better but that is just what I heard somewhere.

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      I’ve been wanting to get 10 just for it’s better use of video cards and multiple cores with its video acceleration. Can anybody say if previews with effects applied run more smoothly in 10?

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      PJ, I don’t know that the video played directly from the timeline is any faster ( I have a killer computer – and they both work about the same though). The selling point of the video cards though was to speed up renders. Even this is a bit misleading as most of the newer i7 processors can render about as fast as the GPU rendering option from my experience. If your computer is a few years old though, you “might” get a nice little rendering boost. I still make sure I check for “CPU only” rendering though as my .m2ts files created that way don’t go buggy on playback directly from the computer. I had issues with this and it just may be my computer. I have written threads in the past about it. Vegas 9 EVERY .m2ts created went funky 2-5 minutes into playing it. That didn’t mean they were completely useless though, they still work just fine when compiled into a blu-ray disc and played on a BD player or through power DVD ONCE MOUNTED (not as a stand alone file), or even loaded back in Vegas or DVDA – just a strange phenomenon I experience. I am sure it is the way the files are created because they go buggy on all computers when played back starting at the same second and each file is a bit different.

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      Yessh I am tired, that was horrible writing – I hope it made some sense.

      Anyhow this is a thread with some test results I had when Vegas 10 was first released.

      My computer is i7-980x, 12GB DDR3 16000, 2xGTX285 GPUs – so the reports may not be completely average. I guess the GPU was a bit faster at rendering now that I look back at it.

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      <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>I’ve been wanting to get 10 just for it’s better use of video cards and
      multiple cores with its video acceleration. Can anybody say if previews
      with effects applied run more smoothly in 10?”

      GPU acceleration is simply not the magic bullet that you are expecting. Even Sony says: “Please note, when using these devices you may not see a dramatic change in render times. Depending on the amount of information in the project as well as the number of effects being used, the render time may only decrease slightly.”

      From a review of 10C: “You may find that your CPU alone is faster than using the GPU. For example, in one of our new PC builds, the i7 950 processor alone proved faster than offloading to the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450. In my test project, the CPU rendered the 30-second Vegas project (.veg) file in a little less than 30 seconds, while the GPU-only render took 35 seconds.”

      I contend that GPU acceleration in Premiere, Avid and others is a band-aid to cover sloppy programming. Think of it – they *depend* on GPU acceleration just to be able to keep up with Vegas’ CPU-only encoding. I have no insight to the architecture of Sony Vegas, but based on my prior life as a programmer, I come to the conclusion that you will not likely, if ever, see GPU preview acceleration in Sony Vegas. Vegas was designed around a fast processor before GPU acceleration even existed. (GPU Acceleration, by the way, was originally designed for vector graphics for video games). For Sony to rework how the program processes video preview in order to use the GPU would be an enormous rewrite of the program. And even then, the acceleration may not be the panacea you expect. Seriously, if it were as easy as some people suggest, don’t you think that SCS would have done it by now since this is one of the most vociferous objections to using Sony Vegas by non-Sony Vegas users?

      It would be an interesting experiment to run Premiere on a PC with an inexpensive GPU (where acceleration couldn’t be used), then Sony Vegas on the same project, same computer. No contest. Like I said, the GPU acceleration is a band-aid needed *just to keep up with Vegas*.

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      haloo am new to the industry but am searching for some effects and filter to gear my video quality, so can somebody give me a link to a free downloads…am from africa

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