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      I have some memorex(i think) printable dvds that I bought a couple of months ago, when i put them in either of my dvd drives they do not recognize the disc(s) (have tried more than one). One of my dvd drives is only 2 weeks old, it is an LG that is supposed to read and burn everything except HD/BR. Has anyone else had this problem? Any know fixes? Thank you for your time!!

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      I have no problem with the Memorex in LG or Sony drives. My 7 bay duplicator likes them, also. However.. TDK has been banned from my office. I bought several 100 count spindles and all were bad. On close inspection, it looked like each had been written on for about 1/8th inch in from the start, inside near the center. I bought them at Costco and returned all of them. Look at the disc very closely and see if that’d the case.

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      What’s with this simbol when an edit is performed? Another bug on this backward forum format.

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      Hi Binzz,

      I strongly suspect the blank media you bought is not recognizable by the particular DVD Drive you have. Many low cost blank media is manufactured out of spec. When this happens, sometimes your drive will try to focus the laser on the disc and it will not recognize it. I would suggest that you buy another brand,…. Taiyo Yuden is one of the best and most consistent, others are Sony and sometimes Verbatim.

      IF that doesn’t work, I would supect your burner has a problem, but most times its the blank media, not the drive.

      Brian Fisher
      DVD Copycat
      San Francisco DVD Duplication

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      Memorex DVDs or CDRs are not recognized by my drives either.My duplicator does recognize them but I’ve had several people say that the finished videos wont work in their players. After checking on several other sites it looks like a recurring problem, but Memorex told me it’s not their problem. I have also made the transition to TY discs. Cost a LITTLE more but the peace of mind is worth it.

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      Iveburned video onMemorex DVD’s and they work fine on my DVD players. However, I’ve had somepeople that had issues with them not playing properly (skipping) on their DVD players. I’ve recently switched to Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DVD-/+R disks and have also slowed down the speed from 16X to 8X.People that had problems playing my disks previously are not having these problems now.

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