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      When I print to tape on my Sony DCR-HC28 everything seems to be working but the finished tape is a failure. There are only portions of the image showing thru a striped overlay. I used a Sony head cleaner four times and same result. I always use the regular Sony DVM60 tape. Same thing happens whether it is a fresh tape or reused. My editor is Sony Vegas Platinum 9. I tried another editor, Pinnacle Studio 12 – same thing. My processor is Athlon 64 Dual Core 5000+ 2.6GHz with 4 GB Ram. I have two drives so that the capture uses one and the project file the other. I got a Canon ZR800 and what do you know, I had the same problem. Obviously, I must be doing something wrong. As a complete newbie, I cannot figure this thing out. Maybe you can help me.

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