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      I’ve been looking through the posts and haven’t found the info I need, but please help me out here if I’ve missed it. I’ve been given a tremendous amount of encouragement to venture out and do video production professionally. I just completed a 30-second commercial for my company (real estate brokerage) promoting a subdivision we represent. Well, word got out about that and now I’m starting to get more work from other local businesses. I’ve been in business for myself previously doing other things, and a stumbling block I always seem to hit is how to appropriately price my products and services, mainly so that I don’t short-change myself. This is probably what would be considered a small-to-medium market located in the southeastern US. Most of the research I’ve done shows that the typical cost for a 30-second spot is around $2K. Of course, that includes voiceover with script writing, and other enhancements. This first project I did didn’t have a voiceover, but did have original music. I did all the shooting and editing, and probably have about 15 or so hours into it. The next project I have lined up is for a 30-second spot and a corporate-type video, which will likely be about ten minutes long, promoting a product invented by a local company to other business who would have a need for it. I also have work from other Realtors to promote their properties.

      So you see, I have a variety of services where a one-price-fits-all approach won’t do, or will it? Should I be charging by the hour, the project, or both? Thanks!

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      Grinner Hester

      There is not an average price for spots as national spots can be millions and most local spots are done free by the cable company or tv station that sells the air time for em. This, of course, is why so many local spots do more harm than good for local advertisers. Just stick to your day rate or hourly rate. It’s ok to bid flat prices for turn-key productions but you’ll do this by multiplying your rate with your projected time, not by what you think it’s worth to them.

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      So what are some good day or hourly rates? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. None of this would be going national, by the way, just shown in the local area.

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      I charge $950 for a full day project. A :30 commercial could take 2- 3-days to complete properly.

      My editing rate is half that ($475), so a :30 commercial with no special effects and just simple graphics would likely end up very close to $2K.


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      KWFYV 25-
      Don’t forget to factor in the costs on top of your time/talent. Equipment rentals, on screen talent, permits, voice over talent, & locations. Even if you own the equipment you should still factor it in to the equation.

      Hey Steve.

      Would you mind elaborating on what the $950 day rate includes? Is this strictly your time on the set? Does it include “x” amount of gear? Does any pr-production (scripting, etc) come with that or is it billed separately? Do you have talent & locations factored into that number (Assuming you included other line items in the $950)?


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