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Hello, I'm a graphic designer but have done some small video projects in the past. I was approached by a potential client wanting 130 1 minute commercials for his custom pen website. I attached the following proposal, thinking my rates are fair and he's telling me to quote him lower (even though he won't get other quotes nor tell me a budget he has in mind!) Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!!


$225 per 1 minute commercial (10% discount based on 150+ commercials, anything under 150 is $250)

(includes script, filming, producing, directing, equipment, editing, rendering)

Minus $20 per commercial if script is provided.

I viewed a few videos from and I could guarantee a higher production value than their commercials.

If the price fits into your budget, the next step would be to hire an actor/actress. Unless you have someone in mind you would like to be the spokesperson, I highly recommend that I hire a professional. I'm hoping to find one for $10 per commercial (based on 150 commercials is $1500 and I'm estimating 30 hours of filming required for this project.)<wbr></wbr>v=8fFJb_FnCF0&feature=player_<wbr></wbr>embedded

Sample of what he showed me he wants for 130 of his products.

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I think you offered him a bargain.



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There is a company in St. Louis that charges a minimum of $2500 for a commercial so your rates are very reasonable.

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Stick to your guns - you offered him a deal.

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You bid low enough that he thinks you will work for nothing... you offered him a deal, if he doesn't want, move along..the hardest clients to please are the ones that think you are worthless.


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 Not only did you offer him a deal, but the video example could be (way) more tightly edited and have better sound quality... if that seems like his 'ideal' ad spot, AND he isn't willing to discuss numbers, maybe it's not going to be a good relationship to persue.

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Thank you everyone!