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      Most of my video work has been done as a hobby.  I was recently offered a job to film dance recitals for a local dance academy.  My idea is to use two cameras.  One will capture the entire stage while the second camera will zoom in on each dancer in the the number.  In post I will do some split screen and switch between cameras.  This will require a lot more time editing but should make for a lot better video than just one static camera.  I have no idea what to charge for this project.  The recital will be 2 hours in length.  Any help would be greatly apperciated!!

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      I charge a flat fee of $600 for the gig, primarily doing what you describe. Or I allow for a fundraising cooperative approach with cost per DVD at $25 and minimum sales, sharing the revenues provided they reach specific numbers, nothing if ONLY the low minimum is sold. This is usually more successful for selling direct to parents rather than charging a flat fee or additional production fee AND trying to sell individual copies.

      There are many other issues involved with shooting and selling dance recital videos and what I said above applies specifically to your “pricing” concern. A bounty of potential copyright “gotchas” also exist as well. It can be profitable but try to always be clear on everybody’s expectations, including yours.

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      What Earl says and, if you decide to go with ‘charge the parents’ and not the organizer, for heavens sake get the money first!

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      True, Bruce, NEVER deliver video without having been compensated, unless of course you have a proven ongoing professional relationship with the client/customer. Once that video is delivered, and/or materials returned, etc. you’ve lost your leverage for receiving payment.

    • #181910 that $600 including the editing of the gig?I am just now getting into the area of paid work and I have no idea what to charge. Some on here have mentioned $1K/ day. That seems high these days, but I have no idea.



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      Mark, actually it’s EarlC (for Earl Chessher) not Eric, but that’s cool … call me what you want … smile!

      Yes, $600 for a 2-hour, or less, performance gig, when shot correctly and when not spending way too many hours polishing something that quickly attains a law of diminishing returns (it’ll NEVER be perfect no matter HOW MANY hours you spend in post) is reasonable IMHO. I try to average $70 per hour for my services and that puts me in the ballpark of my target hourly fee.

      It also keeps me competitive. There’s a HUGE community of independent and professional (and other) video producers in Southern California, all of them trying to eat my lunch … smile.

      It is FAR more lucrative for me, provided the group membership is 50 or more, to go with the direct-to-parents approach. I ALWAYS exceed my minimums and sometimes copies can get into the 100-plus range … nice at $25 a pop.

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