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      before i even start to edit the video when i try to preview it in both the source of the program monitors it plays all jittery. i render it in the time line and i have the right settings for capturing it. It has to be something with the capturing though because if i watch the video in a different program it plays fine.

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      What program are you using? How are you "previewing" the footage? Do you mean it is jittery on the ntsc monitor and not the PC? Probably need more info.
      However, make sure you don’t have a field order problem. If you shoot in interlaced mode and render in progressive, the fields can become out of order, creating a jitter. In other words, the fields should go 1-2-3-4 but now they go 1-3-2-4. Check your render settings.

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      Another thing is how strong is your PC?

      Do you have enough horsepower for editing video? HD RPM’s, processor speed, video cards and available RAM all play a huge roll and can greatly affect performance when editing video.

      If you do, make sure you have all of the latest updated drivers for your hardware.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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