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      I have been experimenting with ways to keep/preserve my various HTML web pages, just in case something weird happens and they disappear into the ether. Check out nothing to download, it works and it’s free, you don’t even have to register or sign up. Just finished converting ALL my web site pages, so now I have pdf reference copies of all of them in the event I need to reconstruct, or simply want to study off-line to see what I need or want to change about one or more of them. Nice.

      If you don’t have the latest copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1 go to and, if you are looking for an affordable alternative to Microsoft Office, or a great article full of links to resources that do what many higher priced products will do, for a lot less, go to and


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      So after you convert the page to PDF, is it fuctional or is it just a snapshot of the page. I ask because some pdf’s are actually editable and some you can navigate around. But most are just a snapshot of a document.

      Another way to back up your html pages is to just make sure you save a copy on your computer or CD or something. That is what I’ve always done. I am going to try this place you suggested.

      Earl: I’ll have to say that I always enjoy reading your posts and responses. They are always informative and helpful. Keep up the good work.

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      Thanks MUCH for the kudos, EVG, I really appreciate the positive input – don’t always get it so when it comes I literally bask in the warmth 🙂

      No, the web site HTML to PDF is strictly that, a pdf of the page(s) from all or part of your web site URLs. I did set one, as an experiment, to test the limits and it actually converted the entire first section of my blog articles at (19 pages), but when I tried to mutiple copy from the archived pages/articles, it balked.

      So, I went back to the second set, entered the URL for each individual article (actually, I like this better, and I will tell you why in a minute), and was successful. I haven’t convered all of them yet, all the way back to 2004, but I am going to.

      These pdfs are MORE than just snapshots, although at first glance that seems to be all they amount to. Imagine wanting to share such an universal document format, even with people who (GASP) might not even be internet connected. You can do this with pdfs. You can also lead them to the link for (in my post above), or include (haven’t tried yet, but this is my next test) a copy of Adobe’s most recent READER release 9.1 and perhaps have a self-contained, or a downloadable set of pdfs of your various web site elements – for pay, for free or whatever. A LOT of possibilities here to repurpose that collection of non-functional but universally accessible (virtually browser, platform and software agnostic) document sharing format.

      For a full functional download of your web site(s) or blog(s) (be careful, you could, depending on how far or how many links are in/on your web pages or blog articles, find that this one will literally attempt to copy THE WEB for goodness sake) go to and download web copier for mac or windows. This downloadable software allows you to actually download live, active pages and links, even videos, etc.

      It has adjustments I am only just beginning to learn, and there is supposed to be a way to burn on CD or DVD and view/use the resulting product off-line – making for a way to share interactive web information and links, video, etc. without the client or person you share with having to connect at all.

      For the mac, this software currently prefers that the computer have safari browser to view off-line, but I hope to discover a way to make this more universal, or make a mac/pc disk that has at least two browser options for off-line viewing, reviewing. Something like this would be GREAT for a universally acceptable marketing strategy over most, if not all, platforms.

      Hmmmmm probably should have made this a blog article. Might anyway 🙂

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