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      In my practice I captured the material and then divided into smaller scenes, next using them for bin composition in the Premiere. My impression is that the more I import repeatedly the same scene the worse is the quality. Maybe there is some compression in the Premier which every time compresses the file and thus reducing the quality. It is correct? How to preserve quality when you use multiple times the same scene? Thank you.

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      If you got the time and space, consider:

      Recapture the original source shot(s) multiple times from original source (tape) ????

      If complicated edited scene, output finished scene to tape and reinput/capture from tape at max quality multiple times ????

      REGARDS TOM 8)

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      I’m not exactly sure what you are doing but perhaps this could help. I think the problem may be in your export of the clip because premiere shouldn’t change a file upon import if it is a "microsoft DV AVI"

      In the export movie settings under the video section, make sure the recompress box is NOT checked.

      Also, in the keyframe and rendering section, make sure you are using maximum bit depth.

      Best Regards

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