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      Hi all! I need to create a presentation DVD, and am not sure what software would be best for this –

      It needs to be a disc that will load up automatically when inserted, has a root menu wil links to seperate files (pdfs, photos, other), and if possible, the software would allow for a fair bit of customisation – it sounds like there should be plenty out there – but I can’t find anything quite right, only stuff that allows powerpoint presentation conversion etc. – not ideal. I would’ve thought even CD burning software tools would come packaged with something like this these days (e.g. NERO etc.)

      Any thoughts, much appreciated.

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      Adobe Encore, which comes with Adobe Premiere, is pretty powerful DVD editing software.

      Unfortunately, you can’t buy it separately.

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      With a boot text file (and they’re aren’t 100% perfect) you can get most computers to open a file and begin playing it. So, for instance, if you had aPowerPoint pres that has all the links you referred to, and you saved it as a .pps, not a .ppt, and burned that and boot ext that says to open that .pps – you’d be set. There are plenty of examples of boot texts on the internet.

      If you were thinking you’d like a movie of your slides – the powerpoint conversion you referred to – I use Camtasia to capture ppt, edit and add audio and arrows, and then disperse on CD. Camtasia costs money though. A free Microsoft product called PowerPoint Producer allows you to covert your slideshow into streaming media. My experience with it is that it’s easy to use, but it has Microsoft Bloat that makes it useful for for high speed internet, it is faster burned to a CD though.

      I’ve made slide shows in Premiere Pro, not ENCORE, and they come out really nice. I found ENCORE a little buggy in the slide show mode, maybe I didn’t understand what ENCORE needed though.

      So I think you can use a lot of different software and all you need to do is decide what boot text to use.

      But if I’m wrong and you are more concerned about the software here are three links for examples of using Camtasia, PowerPoint Producer and Premiere Pro.

      You can see a PowerPoint saved in Camtasia example here

      You can see an example of PowerPoint Producer here

      You can see a sample of a PremPro slide show here– after the 18 second intro click slide show.

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      Actually you may be able to buy Encore separately… I did on eBay. Make sure, however, that you are not buying a pirate copy or a fake. You also didn’t mention that Encore is a bit of a task to learn.

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      I got no problem with this by using NERO

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      Someone above suggested PowerPoint Producer which works well, but Microsoft seems to have lost interest in, and can be a bit buggy. I have recently started using Articulate Presenter and the Articulate suite which publishes everything in Flash and allows you to create looping presentations and customized presentations. It may not be what you are looking for, but worth checking out.

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