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      I’m familiarizing myself w/Premiere Pro (helluva program! I’ve been using 6.0.1). I’m having difficulty understanding the inticacies of the various Adobe Media Encoder Transcode settings. Is there a reference file that explains the different Format and Preset combinations; the Summary section is beyond my background in some cases.
      For instance, I chose the MPEG2-DVD format and the NTSC Progressive 4×3 Hi Quality 7mb CBR 1 Pass preset to export a finished program file. I expected a single .mpg file. I got a large .m2v file, a small .m2v.xmpses file and a mid-size .wav file. The .m2v file has the video; the .wav file has the audio; and I can’t open the file. I’m clearly confused, and Premier Pro doesn’t explain this particular outcome (altho Help is generally pretty fair, but hard to find all the important aspects of particular questions sometimes). Also, when opening the .wav file, it opens in Adobe Audition. Fine, but why? Is there a resource that might help me understand some of these variations? I’m not anxious to try all the different combinations myself.
      More examples: I exported the same program file with the MPEG2-SVCD format and the default preset NTSC SVCD High Quality STD bitrate CBR 1 Pass setting. I got a good pix and sound, but a 480×480 aspect ratio (OK, I neglected to read the summary details closely). Why would I want a square pix?
      In yet another case, I exported the file (very first try; didn’t save the settings; probably MPEG2 defaults) and got a very large .m2v file and a much smaller .mpa file. When I tried to open the .m2v file, the machine went into something similar to Protected Mode (XP Home) with a MSoft box showing “System has recovered from a serious error…Display driver has stopped responding…” and when I sent the report to MSoft, I got the MS Online Crash Analysis site (without any useful suggestions: “Contact Intel”). I’m not trying that file again.
      OK, I don’t know all I need to about these features, so how do I get the necessary information. Help would be appreciated.


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