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      Hi I’m new to premiere pro, I have recently switched to a Mac using premiere pro from a PC running Sony Vegas.

      I created a little intro clip (about 15 seconds, rendered and exported as a widescreen quicktime movie. When I view the exported clip it looks beautiful. I then try to use that clip in a new sequence but when I place the clip on the timeline it shows up at like 50% of it’s size, I can resize it to 100% but then the resolution looks like crap. Any ideas why this is happening. The settings of both projects and sequences are the same, I am at a loss as to why this is happening, any help would be appreciated.



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      my guess is that you rendered at a smaller size. 50% is more like starting with 1080 and exporting DVD size. Also, you don’t have to render the clip to use in in another sequence, embed the sequence you were working on in the new sequence.

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      Don’t use mov files render it at H-264 and make sure the ratio is 5-1 if you are using 1080 or 4-1 for 720. As far as I know, quick time does not support HD.

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       QT will support HD, but what are your render settings?

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