Premiere Pro CS5 preview stutters

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      I have been asked to make a video using some footage from a videogame. To capture it I am using a Hauppauge HD PVR 1212 to record 720p mp4 footage, which people have had a lot of success with.

      However, when editing I’m getting a lot of stuttering in the preview window even at half resolution, and even when pre-rendering. What gives?

      My computer setup is:

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Q9450 quad core processor

      4gb ram

      80gb SSD for boot/app drive

      2x7200rpm hard drives in raid-0 for editing

      8800gt graphics card

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      Upfront it reads like your graphics card isn’t supported. You are no doubt using the software version of the MPE for rendering. Since you are working with RAM only that is a high probability that’s where the issue lies. If you dig around in the recent Premiere posts, there’s one about a hack that may get CS5 to recognize your card. Be advised, since it is a hack you’re taking your chances with it.

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      Do you remember the name of the thread or anything? I couldn’t find it.

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      I couldn’t find it either, but here’s the site it linked to;

      CS5 MPE Hack

      Again, be advised that this is not an adobe tested method. If anything goes wrong and you need to reinstall Premiere, don’t forget to ‘Deactivate’ the license before you uninstall it! Otherwise you’ll have the ‘fun’ and frustration of dealing with Adobe and their lovely licensing nonsense. Let me know if it works for you.

      BTW, I understand that this hack if for a fully functional copy so if you’re trying to by pass the restrictions on a trial version it’s probably going to be a waste of time.

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      Yeah, this is in fact the trial version. So it looks like another ~$400 investment in a card upgrade in addition to ~$1600 for the actual suite itself to make the switch over to the Adobe suite. Disappointing since Vegas will run fine on any card I’ve thrown at it.

      It looks like my card is listed as one of the supported cards for Premiere, but not with GPU Acceleration. Is GPU Acceleration what I’m missing here that’s causing the playback to be so stuttery? Everything renders out fine, it’s just in the preview window that it lags.

      What’s really interesting is that when I dynamic link the clips into After Effects, they all run pretty smoothly in AE.

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