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      Want to buy Premiere Pro CS5. I have both PCs (Win 7) and Macs (Snow Leopard). Any advantage to buying the PC version or Mac version? Any different features on one version or the other? Any stabilityy/bug issues more prevalent on one or the other? Thanks.

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      No real advantage now that there are NVIDIA GPU’s for Mac that can push CS5’s primary features. It just depends on what you are most comfortable working with. The selection for GPU’s is bigger with PC so you may be able to save some dough. If that’s not an issue then again there isn’t much advantage. As you well know, Mac’s and PC’s have their own unique issues and Adobe products will crap out on you at the least opportune moment no matter what you’re using if you don’t keep up with the stream of updates. Just make sure whichever platform you get it for, the system meets or exceeds the recommended requirements to run the software. That is if you want to keep your sanity….

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      If you can get some work at a local school, get a note from the registrar, you can sign up for Adobe’s Teacher/Student versions.. Photoshop is 199, Premiere Pro is 349, and the Production Suite is 404.. Nothing like having everything you need under one umbrella and it shouldn’t eat up your budget.

      The regular EDU price for the Production Suite is 449, but if you’ll chat with a live support person online, they’ll give you a 10% discount. Just a thought..

Viewing 2 reply threads
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