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       Hi there i have a problem/question.

      I have produce a videoclip for a band and the local TV want to air it. They ask me to send them the fallowing format:

      <font face=”Comic Sans MS”>data DVD (HD): .MXF ou .MOV (XDCAM HD422 or H264 1080i60 CBR DropFrame 50Mb/s Long GOP IBBPBBPBBPBBPBB closed 4:2:2) /- 8 canaux audio mono 24bits – NTSC (1920×1080) -pixels HDTV 1080i (16:9) ?? 59.94 fps – with Timecode.</font>

      <font face=”Comic Sans MS”></font> 

      <font face=”Comic Sans MS”>From that I saw in Premiere I can export in HDTV 1080P but didnt find 1080i, is there custum change we can do to have a 1080i? Well, can someone help a brother and translated that info for me and tell me want need to be select in premiere to achive it. </font>

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      Fullfillment varies but in this case, exporting as an HDV project using the H264 is what they are asking for. You’ll find 1080i export settings both in Premiere and in whatever compressor tool you use.

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      File-export-media then change settings inmedia encoder. Choose a H.264 codec and customizeit to the settings you were given to match.

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