Premiere Pro CS3 jagged captured text after export (Adobe Media Encoder)

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      Hello everyone!

      I am working on a video tutorial using footage of my Windows desktop captured using CamStudio 2.0.

      The raw footage shows onscreen text clearly. While editing in Premiere, the text is also clear. It’s only on export that the text becomes jagged and I’m at my wits end in trying to correct it.

      The destination is YouTube, so I am using Adobe Media Encoder to export. The captured footage is 720p so I’m using H.264 and the HDTV 720p High Quality preset (but with 30fps and Square Pixels to match the captured footage). The “Output” preview tab also shows text clearly.

      Here is a frame from the raw footage (frame exported using Premiere) showing clear text.

      Here is a screenshot of the same point in the footage after exporting and playing back in a media player. Yuck!

      This is my first time trying to create a video with this kind of footage in it. Am I just not getting enough “High Quality” out of the exported video? I also notice the exported video looks like it has a “grey” haze over it.

      Please help, thanks!

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      Interesting. If I export from Premiere into .mov the text is completely clear with the following settings:

      Format: Quicktime
      Preset: HDTV 720p 24
      Codec: H.264
      Quality: 50
      Frame Width: 1280
      Frame Height: 720
      Frame Rate: 24
      Field Order: None (Progressive)
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square
      Bitrate: 5,120

      This results in a file that is also approximately half the size (75MB) of what I was getting trying with the H.264 (.mp4) format.

      Youtube lists .mp4 as one of the preferred containers though, so I’m still keen to get the same clear result with that format.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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