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      I am editing a wedding and rendered the project but it is 29.7gb as an AVI. How would I compress this in PP? How can I save as MPEG? I would rather not deal with another program to compress unless its necessary. I did run it through Windows Movie Maker to compress it to WMV and it went to 1.2gb but I am afraid of the quality loss there. I think a MPEG would be a better format as long as its under 4gb.

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      Are you finished with the editing and looking for an export format? Are you going to be putting onto a DVD or onto the web?
      What you will be doing with the file will make a huge difference on what format to export. If you burn this to a DVD it will be in MPEG format and will fit on a DVD, that is done automatically. The length of the video will determine the bitrate at which it is encoded, if the video is over 1.5 hours you will start losing quality.

      All exporting in Premiere Pro is done with the Adobe Media Encoder

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      All editing is done. It is getting burned onto a DVD.

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      Are you using Premiere or Encore to author the DVD?

      It will work out just fine, doens’t matter what the AVI file size is, the length of the video is all that really matters.

      As long as the total length is under 1.5 hours it will all fit just fine onto the DVD at highest quality.

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      I understand what you mean now. But it is 2hr and 22 minutes. Plus there are other short video’s I want to put in as seperate sequences. I author the DVD with Encore

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      There is a limit to the amount of content that can be put on a DVD. THe average single layer DVD holds about 4.7 GB of Data. That will hold about 2 hours of video content depending on the quality of the MPEG-2 video.

      To export an MPEG-2 file in Premiere Pro CS3:

      1-File>Export>Adobe Media Encoder

      2-Choose MPEG-2 DVD as the format. This will produce a separate video (M2T) and audio (Wav) file.

      3-In Encore import both clips, create a new time line and add them to it.

      Just a note: the format of a video file has nothing to do with the quality, it is the codec that is used to compress that effects the quality. Some WMV files will produce a better result than the older MPEG-2 standard.


      Premiere Pro CS3 can’t author a DVD anymore, it could up until PP2.0 but they removed that ability in the CS3 version when they started offering Encore with it for free.

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      By the way, Encore can author a dual layer dvd disk which can hold considerably more information, but some older DVD players may have a problem with it.

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      Thank you for the information jerronsmith. That was a big help and I learned something new.

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      Here’s the exactspecs for burning video to DVDs:

      High Quality (HQ)- 1 hour
      Standard Play (SP) – 2 hours
      Long Play (LP) – 4 hours
      Extended Play (EP) – 6 hours

      Dual-layer (DL) DVDs are aproximately twice the storage capacity.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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