Premiere Pro adding Scene markers with autoplay not working

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      Hi I am new to premiere and think its great so far. But I have run into a little problem which I cannot work out. I have created added several DVD scene markers in my project with the ‘autoplay-play with no menu’ option on (No DVD menu). When I play it through the Premier DVD previewer, I am able to hit the next/Previous button to skip to the next or previous scene, as it should do. But once I have compiled the DVD to a disk or ISO image, the next/previous feature does not appear to work. I don’t think it is the DVD playback software (Cyberlink power DVD) because if I burn it straight to a DVD and play it on a set-top-box, I get the same problem of the next/previous not working.

      Any help would be great because this is annoying. When I burn it with a DVD menu, it works fine. But I want it as an autoplay DVD.


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      How in Premiere pro do you burn a DVD to have a menu but not display the menu when the DVD is played?


      okay, I found this tech note from adobe:

      This is the exact problem I am having. Does anyone else have this issue?

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