Premiere Pro 2.0 stops burning while burning (!)

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      It doesn’t matter whether I burn my project to disc, folder, or ISO – after encoding, the bar gets a certain distance and refuses to go any further.

      The DVD I’m trying to burn is 2 hours 35 minutes long. Encoding takes around 4 hours at VBR 1-pass and I know there’s enough space on the disc and my hard drive.

      I have actually managed to burn videos that are 1 minute long very quickly, but Premiere seems to just "time out" when I try and burn this much longer movie.

      Any idea what the problem could be?

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      1. It happens when I burn it to ISO or folder as well, not just DVD.
      2. Is 78.9GB enough?
      3. What do you mean by video gap? Are you talking about a gap between videos in the timeline?

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      compusolver Wrote:

      #2 – my 1hr wedding projects take that much space and more. I don’t know the particulars of your project and I don’t know which drive you’re asking about – system; scratch or project. It certainly isn’t enough for all and it may well not be enough for your scratch disk, but it could be.

      Sorry, I’m fairly new to Premiere. What particulars do you need to know in particular? πŸ˜› As for my drive, I’m just talking about my hard drive.

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