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      Is there a way to export only a full body image off a green screen or a transparent background? I would like to place an image of a person over a flash video, but I just want the person and not the background. Can that be done? Thanks! Art

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      If I understand this properly you have a person shot in front of a green screen and want to import out the person with transparency?

      1-Use the color or chroma key effect in Premiere Pro to remove that greenscreen. You will probably have to use several of them to remove all of the green, unless it is lit really well.

      2-Export the file from Premiere using one of the formats that support RGB color and Alpha (transparency); Quicktime, AVI (I think), FLV.

      Normally you can configure the output settings on the same section of the export dialog where you set the compressor. I believe usually it is called “Settings”.

      If that isn’t what you were looking for post some more information and I will address it.

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      I believe this is my answer. Thank you. I have never done Chromakey with PPro 2. I will try this. Removing the Green screen itself is trying my patience!


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      Well, didn’t work. I applied the chromakey to the timeline, made my adjustment and exported to Flash using the Media encoder. The movie still has the background. It’s black but It’s still the screen. I made sure the Alpha channel was selected but no luck.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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