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      I’m using Samsung SC-MX20 to capture videos for the web, that specific Camcorder does have a known problem with 16:9 videos, you can check the reviews @ for details

      The problem that the videos that’s supposed to be taken @ 16:9 is being read as 4:3 by every software and had to modify the aspect ratio to get it right.

      So practically speaking when I import the video I’ve shot @ 16:9 (better for YouTube .etc) using the camcorder to Premiere it shows as 4:3, to fix that using Premiere I right click and chose interpret footage > modify aspect ratio to 1.2 and the video shows as 16:9 >> Great!

      Screen Shot:

      The problem is that If I made any editing to the video the display start behaving very strangely and add some green to the track, that mean for me that it’s not being interpreted correctly. Check the photo link below

      Wondering if anyone have some experience with something similar and can help. Video are saved from the cam compressed with H.264 in MP4 format.

      Thanks in advance.

      – Abdo

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