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      So, I just switched to this program, and I’m mildly confused by one thing. Is it possible to cut out one small clip from your video and move it to a different part of the video? If so, how do I go about doing this? Help would be appreciated.

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      Well, I tried those forums already, trust me. But my account on there is kind of screwy and won’t let me post any questions or anything. Thanks anyway though.

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      Yes you can move video only or audio only or both.
      It’s a simple as spliting the section you want to move and dragging it.

      Move the "play head" to the start of the video you want and then click the split clip icon.
      Next, move the play head to the end of the part you want to move and click the split clip icon.
      You now have a clip of video and audio you can move by just clicking it and dragging it.

      Note: You will need to split the video once in the spot you want to insert your new clip.

      Very easy.
      I love it.
      Good luck.

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      Another way too, is to place the indicator on the timeline (a blue handle with a line running down from it) just at the beginning point of where you would like the video taken out. After placing it right where you want it, look to the left top of the timeline window and you will see about 3 small tools – one of them is a razor. Select the razor and go to the indicator and click once. The razor will make an incision on the video and audio.

      Now, move the indicator lower down the timeline (where you’d like to end the video clip) and after placing it there, use the razor again. Now you have cut out a portion of the video (and audio). Add another video track (and another audio track will automatically appear). Click the cut video and drag it upwards and place it on the new track. Now you can move it and place it anywhere you want.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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