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       I have a question regarding Adobe Premiere Elements 8, not the Pro version.

      I’ve looked everywhere I can think to answer this and have come up blank.

      Say I have three or more saved projects (like baseballgame1, baseballgame2 and

      baseballgame3).  Is there a way I can join them in one time line so I can add start and end point and save them to DVD as a longer movie with tabs on the opening screen for the DVD?  You could click the game1 tab to watch baseballgame1, click game2 tab to watch baseballgame2, etc.  The underlying question is how to you combine projects to a larger project?

      Thank you

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      Bill, I have Elements 8 but I don’t use it at all, I use Final Cut Pro. But, in a search on Google, I found this Adobe Link where someone addressed the question. I’ll look a bit more and post other links if I find any.

      Here’s another link to Chuck Engels’ blog on focused on your question. Hope this helps.

      Did my Google search with the phrase “merging projects with elements 8” F.Y.I.

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       That did it.  Thanks a bunch.  I knew I could trust someone to lead me in the right direction.  This group is great with a capital G.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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