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      I find that I can work with a very small project, say 5 or 6 minutes, but am told I lack system memory when the projects get larger, maybe 20 or 30 minutes. I have Vista (Intel Q6600) and 4 GB RAM. Should I be changing settings somewhere or am I doing something wrong? This is my second project. The first, as I have suggested, was short, but I was able to complete it.

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      I’veneverused Premire Elements 4, butI editedtogether three hourlengthsegments (cuttogether they made about a30 minutefilm) a while back on one of my school’slabmachines.It had Premire Pro on themachinewith 2GBof RAMand a dual coresomething-or-other. Ihad no issues with slowdown when doing this, so Ithink your 4GBof RAM would be morethan enough.

      Are youhaving problems with slowing down on largerprojects, orare you justworried aboutthis?

      Edit: What videocarddo youhave?I thinkthe schoolmachinehad a mid-range dedicated card. Maybe integrated graphics are slowing you down?

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