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      Hi, please reply? Does Premeiere Elements support "alpha channeling?" If yes, is it relatively easy? Is this the easiest entry level video editor? If not, what do you suggest and why?

      Thanks guys!

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      i have used premiere element for almost a year now and have found very little it cannot do. I will have to check on the alpha channeling but I believe it is supported. Other than some limited audio capabilities it is very versitle and can do almost everything you need on you everyday job. For the price it is deffinaltely a good starter, especially when you combine it with adobe photoshop, which I use for my slide shows and to make my DVD covers.

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      Thanks Fitz!

      Where is everyone else? Anyone else care to chime in? I just ordered Premere Elements – help! Oh! I also ordered a book for the program!

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      The newest version is 5.0, make sure you get it! Previous versions are more difficult to use, such as no clip insert editing only timeline editing. I found the first version of the bundle to be hard to use(Premier1.0 and Elements2.0) but I am considering it again since the Pinnacle software continually crashes. πŸ˜‰

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