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      Premiere CS4 will start a new program and I can work inside the program but it won’t let me Minimize, File, Edit, Help or ANYthing to do with the bar. It’s won’t let me adjust the size of the screen. Everything else works fine, but when I try to click on any of those features, it locks up. I’ve worked through a lot of Premiere Problems but this one is strange! Anybody else experience that?

      Dell XPS 600
      XP Service Pack 2
      Pentium (r) D CPU 3.2 ghz 2.00 gb RAM
      Geforce 7800 GTX Ndivia
      Adobe Master Suite

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      With something this severe – I can only suggest to uninstall – erase any trace of premiere off your hard drive and reinstall – if you have any older versions (for instance) of it on there, that CAN cause conflicting issues.

      If that doesn’t work – maybe look at your processor?
      Good Luck!

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      It was a msconfig problem. I had too many background programs and start up programs running. Thanks for your reply!

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      If you are going to be editing I would recommend a little bit faster system with more RAM.

      You can start by adding 1 or 2 GB of RAM to your existing system, RAM is pretty cheap these days.

      But in the long run you will be amazed at what a Quad Core processor will do to speed everything up.

      I can render and export in 1/4th the time now as I could with my P4 3.0ghz processor.

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      It is an older model XPS I have had for a few years. It actually had 4 gig ram installed but the Dell Motherboard will only recognize 2 gig, no matter what I do and also advised by Dell Tech support. I pulled the 2 gig back out because the system would run slower with the 4 gig installed.

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