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      Having problem with my premiere 6.0 editing software. When I turn on my computer, taking forever to open premiere and sometimes only opened the Navigation, Effects and the transition after all that waiting about 10-15 and more minutes. Kind of sense it if my computer needs additional memory(curently has 512). Any idea what it is and seem frustrating to edit my stuff and at some point won’t able to render the movie(start previewing for about 1-2 minutes and from – say 10 min duration of render time suddenly turn to 12hrs and kept freeeeezing). Thank you in advance.

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      Assuming your processor is at least a Pentium 4, I would check:

      1) Possible viruses are slowing down the computer
      2) Too many applications are loaded at startup. Try changing the setup.
      3) Try defragmenting the HD

      My computer is a P4 and loads Premiere in about 10 seconds.

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      you have to reconfigure your hard drive or you should defragment your computer brother because when you have a heavy session of editing you should empty the used space up or free it up a little bit more

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      my guess is your preferences file is corrupted.
      check out this old page from our website with premeire 6.x tips. I think you’ll find what you need to get going.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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