Premier Pro: how to adjust audio levels for an entire track?

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      I have a lecture video with audio that was recorded at a very low level. I need to raise the audio to a normal level. I can do it in PPro with Clip>Audio Options>Gain and Clip>Audio Options>Render and Replace but there are a LOT of edits in the finished piece and that method would be very time consuming.

      I’ve also been able to Show Track Keyframes and Add Keyframes at the head and tail of the piece I’m working on in the Timeline. Then I can raise the keyframes up (the graph line shows the increase), presumably adding level (+6.0db). But I don’t get any effect; the headset/speaker level is the same as before making the changes. Does the piece need to be rendered (or some other switch thrown) before the change takes place?

      It also appears that I could use the Audio Mixer to adjust these levels for the whole track in one pass, but I haven’t been able to work through the Help files on this one yet. I’d really appreciate a brief guide through this problem; I just need to get this one out quickly.

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