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      I tried to install trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on my PC I got message: “This product does not support PowerPC architecture”. Customer service did not know what does this mean but a friend of mine suggested that this productrequires Intel processor (I have AMD Athlon). Anybody heard about this problem and how to fix it (apart form changing motherboard)?

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      That is strange since you are installing it on a PC. That message is what would normally pop-up when you try to install The mac version of premiere pro. Since it only supports the intel processors that message pops up when you have the older machine. Are you sure you didn’t download the mac install by accident.

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      Here is my reply from the other thread of the same topic which was a double post:

      This problem is generally found on older Macs manufacturedprior to 2006 before Mac stated using an intel processor.

      I have never heard of this problem on a windows system…Is it possible you have an older computer running Windows NT? I believe NT utilized a version of the PowerPC arcitecture but I think that was over 10 years ago or so…

      I don’t think the problem is the AMD Athlon since I’ve actually see a working copy on an AMD processor.

      I do however think that Jerrons reply is probably more accurate in diagnosing the problem….

      (Jerron, since you are a moderator, is it possible for you to delete the other double post of this thread for efficiency purposes?)

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      AMD processors are supported but must have the SSE 2 instruction set, older AMD processors don’t. You can check this chart to see if your processor has SSE 2 or not,1175-20.html

      Could very well be that Jerron is right though, and you just downloaded the MAC version in error.

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      I have 3.5 years old COMPAQ Presario computer with AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor. I double checked: operational system is Windows XP and I downloaded Windows version of Premiere PRO CS4. Still I have an error: “This product does not support PowerPC architecture CPU”. Any other suggestions?

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      >>>Any other suggestions?

      Well I just want to congradulate you…It appears you have made it to thebig leaguesa little earlier than expected.

      All of us run into an anomolie at some point or another that seems to only happen to us…it appears this is your own personal editors murphy law anomlie.

      The next step may be to get the instalation disks from compaq if you don’t already have them and basically install the whole computer system from scratch…I’m talking a str8 override or deletion of you entire computer…not just a system restore, nor ageneral reinstallation of just XP that doesn’t actually strip thefile system…

      I’ll still search around for a solution, but it’s not looking good…every instance I’ve found of this problem was in relation to Macs that actually use PowerPC architecture…

      You seriously should not be having this problem…

      Also you should have at least 2GB of RAM installed and XP with service pack 2….It is very likely that you are not meeting these requirements, but still, if that was the problem, I don’t see why you’d get a “PowerPC Architecture” error….

      See if you have Service Pack 2 and then try again….

      *note – on a normal working computer, you should still be able to install CS4 if you only have 1 GB of RAM eventhough they recommend 2 GB….but if you don’t have service pack 2, that might actually cause some instalation problems….

      There is also apossibility that since this computer is over 3 years old that you are only running 512MB of RAM…if this is the case…stop whatever it is you’re doing and pick up two 1GB chips of RAM…Your computer should handle that much and you’re probably using pc3200 DDR SDRAM, just double check before you buy it…if you don’t wanna get two 1GB chips, atleast get another 512MB so that will take you up to 1GB.

      Also…for a future reference and to anyone else reading…..Always give as many details about your computer as you possibly can so we can help and not guess things like how much RAM you have…If you already have 2GB of RAM, I just wasted time giving you a pointless recommendation. There are so many problems in the computer world and many people won’t respond if it’s gonna be one big guessing game….if we have all the details upfront, things go 10 timesfaster and moreefficient….seriously….going back and forth about tech specs is really a pain in the arse…

      neways, good luck buddy…I’m sorry you’re having all this nonsense trouble with the software and computer.

      Best Regards,


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      If you would have looked at the chart I provided you would see that the AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor does not have SSE 2 support, you cannot even run Premiere Elements on that machine 😉

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      Thank you for the hint. So, if I would like to use Abode Premier then I have to upgrade processor toAthlon 64 of Pentium4 (that have SS2 instruction set)? Sounds scary, but I can try. Other option is to buy a new computer, put old hard drive in the external encloserand connect it through USB. I guess, in both cases I will invite the whole bunch of other troubles. Now I try to understand if ProCS4 really worth it or I can do most of my projects using Sony Vegas 9.

      Interestingly, SSE2 is not mentioned in “ProCS4 minimum requirements” list and Adobe customer support did not hear about it.

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      >>>”the AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor does not have SSE 2 support”

      Damn…that’s too bad.

      Asadov, The sad thing is that the AMD Semprom 3100 I was talking about earlier that actually has SSE2 support was aroundeven before you got your current computer….itseems like you justmissed the cuttoff for discontinuation….just bad timing I guess.

      But honestly…I really think you’regoing to wanta better computerfor the extensive HDV workyou were discussing in that other thread. Instead ofdoing that upgradewe talked about, I would justrecommend sticking with your Ulead or Vegas softwareuntil you a can get a new one…

      And I already told you that premiere is worth it, but you have to know what you’re doing….When you get a new computer, try the premiere trial again and then make a decision that is best for you….until than stick with what you got…Vegas Baby!

      …and thanks for the link Chuck, I checked it out to see about the old Sempron I have but I forgot to go back and check whenAsadov posted his comp specs.

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      I’m having the same problem. I attempted to install CS4 on my PC and it came back your computer doesn’t support powerPC architecture.

      I have a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ processor in my computer and according to the chart provided it does not support SSE2…the processor is the same as when I bought it but everything else is new…new video/audio card…and the RAM and memory has all been upgraded.

      Where does this leave me as far as solutions to the problem….new processor?

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      I doubt you can upgrade that mother board to a cpu that will support SSE2, probably a new mother board and CPU or a new computer.

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      Ok, so I read this whole thread and I understand the whole “AMD XP processors don’t support SSE2” deal….but here’s the thing….I had Adobe Premier installed previously. I’ve never seen this error before. I just recently got a bigger drive and reinstalled XP Pro SP3 and when I went to install Adobe CS4 Masters Collection, I get the “Power PC not supported” error on several of the apps. I’m running a AMD XP 3200 2.2GHz, 1GB DDR400, ATI Radeon 9800PRO, with 2 80GB IDE drives on a MSI board (don’t remember the model, something like K7N2 Delta or something). Like I said, I understand the whole SSE2 thing but why was I able to install and run a lot of these programs before but not now? Nothing has changed except the drive upgrade….

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      i’m trying to install adobe cs4 on a PowerMac G5 and I can this message -this product does not support powerpc architecture cpu

      here are the specs

      Mac OS X 10.5.8

      PowerMac G5, 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM

      i’m trying to install key components of the suite – premiere pro and after effects – any help would be much appreciated

      thanks in advance!

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