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      Greets Folks,

      New to the forums here, so I just wanted to say hello.

      I have a question about how to get Premier Pro 1.5 to stop dropping frames on me.

      I thought that capturing usually produces frame drops, so what I did was to buy a standalone DVD recorder to accept the input from my handycam. It digitizes everything really well, and then I can just rip the VOB from the disk to work with it outside of real time. I did have some problems with the rip, but it didnt seem to drop any frames. I worked with some of the files in Premier, and then I rendered and burned them. On playback, I discovered a lot of frames were being dropped.

      Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent or correct this?



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      None of the current NLE titles will drop frames in a properly running computer. If you are dropping frames, the first and only place to look is your computer and your storage.

      We’ve got a great page on our website that i urge you to visit

      If you are dropping frames when you encode to MPEG2, then you want to check your encoder settings. We recommend a bit rate of 6000.

      You may also find that you get better results by creating and authoring your DVD to a file, then burning it with another app like Nero.

      Make sure you have NOTHING running in the background when you encode or burn.


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      Heya Gary,

      Thank you for your comments. I have not yet had a chance to review the link, but I will do so soon. In the meantime, I will make some comments. I went back and watched the little music video that I made, and I think you are right.

      The video had several different clips in it. Some were fed by firewire into the computer, others were stills, and then some were VOB files converted to AVIs. Anything Premier handled (eg stills and firewire fed avi clips, had no frame drops at all; it was only the VOB files that had been converted to AVIs that suffered any dropped frames.

      I did not do the VOB to AVI files using Premier. I used some shareware that I found (called YASA?) after a quick Google search. I dont know how good that software is, but it really seemed to screw up the picture in a few different ways. Not only were frames dropped, but the picture was reduced in size and only covered about half the screen with a wide black border around the rest of it.

      A friend recently told me to rip my standalone DVD recordings directly from VOB to mpeg conversions using a freeware program called DVD Decrypter, so that is what I am experimenting with now.

      I dont burn mpegs to DVD for video playback though. I am still looking to reconvert to VOB. I just wish I knew two things:

      1.) What is/are the best and/or fastest files (mpeg, avi, etc…) to convert to VOB?


      2.) What is the inductry standard software for burning VOB’s to a DVD disc? I have heard of like ten different programs for this, and I dont know which work best. I see a lot of options out there, but the market seems a bit scattered.

      I will look at all your comments more closely in a short while.

      Thanks again for your comments!


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