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      I just installed the trial version of Premiere Elements 8. I wanted to test its ability to
      render high-quality avi files. I am able to play in Windows Media Player uncompressed avi files produced by other video editing packages; I wanted to see how Premiere Element’s uncompressed AVI files compare.

      I took two, 7-second avi clips, put them into the timeline, and added a simple dissolve
      transition between them.

      Under the Share section, I chose Uncompressed AVI as the format.

      As my clips lacked audio, I specified that audio should not be rendered. I rendered the clips.
      It created a large (apx 400 mb) file. When I tried to play it in Windows Media Player (v11) I
      first saw a message saying, “Looking for codec” (or words to that effect), followed shortly
      after by a message saying “Codec acquired”. But then I got a message saying that the file was
      unplayable, and offered on online Microsft link to solve the problem. It took me to an audio-
      related page which seemed to be of no particular help.

      So I tried rendering as uncompressed audio again, this time specifying that audio should also be
      rendered (even there is no audio with my clips). I chnaged the sample rate from 48 khz to 44
      khz, a rate I usually use with Windows Media Player.

      When I tried to view the result in Windows Media Player, I got no error messages. Instead I just
      got a black screen. I could see that a file was playing (the navigation slider at the bottom was
      moving, and the time counter was progressing) , but there was no image.

      What might I be doing wrong?

      I’ve used Premiere Elements 1 for years. But if version 8 cannot handle this very simple task, I
      won’t buy it.

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      What is the source file format?

      Have you added audio to the project and tried exporting that, even if you turn the volume all the way down on the audio track?

      What Share option are you using and have you changed any of the other settings? What codec is being used?

      This has been a basic function of Premiere Elements as you know, it hasn’t been changed in any of the versions. The only thing new in version 8 is that there is no menu option to export AVI anymore. Used to be ‘File/Export/Movie’ up to version 8, now you have to go to the Share workspace to export the AVI, other than that nothing has changed.

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