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      I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for video editing. I just purchased Cinescore.

      Is there a preferred order to editing? Should I do all my video stuff first, then add the music via Cinescore? I’m guessing this is the correct way to do it since if I mess with the video after making music, I’ll be busting up the nice music or the timing of the video. If I want to make changes in the video after doing the music in Cinescore, is it a big hassle to correct the music?

      So, maybe I should ask this: After completing the video editing, I add the music and get it just right. Then, I save the project, but import it into Sony DVD Architect (using Movie Studio Platinum), right. And there is no quality downgrade by using this process?

      Or, what would be the right process/order to use Sony Movie Studio Platinum and Cinescore?

      Additionally, I have Cakewalk Music Creator. Are there any good free tutorials on how to make music using loops. I can’t quite put my brain around the instructions that came with it.

      Sorry if this is a dumb question, but thanks for any help/opinions.

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      you can import the video track into cinescore, set markers for different moods or flavors, taylor it in cinescore, then bring it back to vegas. i would suggest that you finish your video, then render itin vegas to a dvd mpeg compliant file and then burn in dvda.


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      OK, let’s see if I understand this:

      When I import the video into Cinescore and add various music pieces to it and save it, all Cinescore does is fiddle with the audio. Then when I open the same project back in Vegas, it will essentially be the same, just with the new audio added? Does the new audio show up on a new audio track in Vegas? Or is it somehow mixed in with an existing audio track in Vegas?

      I suppose I could just try it and see what happens, but I still wouldn’t know if what I’m doing is the correct way to work on a project.

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      I just got Cinescore and I’m also using VMS plat. I don’t even have to open Cinescore to use it. Just right click on the Music channel of the time line in Vegas and click insert generated music. Ceniscore opens and runs in Vegas. I’ve only been playing with this for a couple of hours but it is incredibly easy and fun!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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