PRE Pro CS5 can see waveform but no sound

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Hi all: hope this isn't a repeat question. I have a Panasonic AG-HMC150 that records to AVCHD. With a review of the file in the camera I can hear the sound and see the video. Once I load it into Pro ver. 5.0.2 I can see the video, see the waveform, see the bars going up and down but do not hear anything from my speakers. My speakers work on everything else so I know it's not that. I've played w/ all the settings in Edit>Preferences, but to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.CS5

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If its giving you a waveform theaudio should be there. I'm using a NEX-VG10 and no problems with the .MTS files. How are you importing? Have you tried saving to a HDD first and importing from there.

If its not in settings and your little button on the audio track is on,maybe its something with PP and your sound card.