Practice vs Preaching

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      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the feedback. You do make a lot of valid points. There have been some changes in the works for a little while now, both in production and in post that should ramp up the quality of the vidcasts dramatically.

      The vidcast was initally started as a test run, and has just now started finding its legs so to speak. So stay tuned.

      Valid, well written criticism, such as yours is always welcome here in the forums, I really appreciate you taking time to comment.

      Also if you have any more comments please think about filling out our vidcast survey:
      The results from this survey are our main tool in planing and improving the vidcast.


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      I have been subscribing to Videomaker for a while now and find the articles and advice to be very good, but I have to say that I have been less than impressed by the quality I’ve seen come from your "Videomaker Presents" vidcast.

      As the adage goes, you should "practice what you preach" and if you are practicing what you preach, then I’m not so sure that the practices you are using are achieving the best results.

      I think more than anything it’s the post production, but I’m not sure (I’m not the pro, after all). The resulting video that I downloaded through iTunes has very little contrast and almost no color saturation, plus it looks almost blurry (in normal display, not full-screen). It’s surprising to me as I’m thinking you are probably using some pretty good cameras, plus the file size is still 240MB for this seemingly lower quality video.

      I understand that the file format is mpeg4, however, I’ve definitely seen videos of the same format with higher visible quality than your vidcasts seem to have.

      Anyhow, I appreciate what you do and still really like the magazine, but I’m hopeful that you’ll look into improving the visible quality and teaching us, your viewers, how to achieve high video quality–even when its a download.



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      Would it be possible to add some rim lighting to your hosts? That would add some nice flair and dimension to the image, in my opinion.
      Otherwise, keep up the good work, and thank you for producing a free, interesting vidcast.

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      I too felt less than inspired by watching the vidcast. If you want to see really popping video, look at the Digital Juice website – They have lots of DJTV segments that are really well done!

      Just my opinion.

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      Wow. The Digital Juice TV segments are amazing. Thanks for mentioning it, birdcat.

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